Announcing Understanding ECMAScript 6 by Nicholas C. Zakas

I’m really glad Nicholas C. Zakas has announced his next book will be free, not only because his books are really good (his talks are really good too) but because this makes me realize I was not wrong on my feelings about DRM. They’re a lost battle…

Understanding ECMAScript 6 will be the first book (or ebook) that I write in a completely open manner. I’ve come to realize over the years that digital rights management is a fool’s errand. Big publishers, music companies, and movie companies are convinced that people will pirate their work and cost them money. I tend to agree with Tim O’Reilly’s belief that people who pirate have no intent of purchasing the work, so you’re not really losing any money. This is why I’ve only published with companies who have DRM-free ebooks

So basically two things to remark

  1. People who pirate does not buy, so they never buy. They can’t be count as a lost customer.
  2. DRM is a lost battle. There are too many people copying, copying is so easy now, and it is even second nature for the new generation.

I’m really happy he is doing this, and really can’t wait to get a copy of his book… by downloading it buying it!


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